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Lacassine High School, grades Pre K-12, is a small rural school which seeks to foster closer interaction among students, teachers, and community. Located in the heart of an agricultural, industrial, and educational center of Southwest Louisiana, Lacassine High School provides the benefits of a small rural community with numerous, easily accessible advantages of a large urban community.

Students, faculty, and the school community enjoy harmonious working relationships, and the sharing of mutual goals for educational progress. Parents, students, and faculty feel that the education of each student is a joint responsibility which involves the home, school, and community, each assuming its special role.

We recognize that the personal fulfillment of each student requires the meeting of particular needs, and the school strives to provide as many experiences as is feasible through which each student can realize his potential.

We feel that the responsibility of our school is to develop citizens who can function adequately in a democratic society. Through involvement in classroom and extracurricular activities, we seek to provide experiences in wise decision-making and exercises which promote consideration and respect for the rights of other. An integral part of this process is the developing of an awareness that each privilege carries with its corresponding responsibilities.

Our approach is generally traditional, with program emphasis built around the basic needs and interests of our students. An important aspect of our program is to continue a tradition of fostering standards of excellence, academically, physically, and socially, so that each student will be prepared to fulfill his/her role in a changing society.
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